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S. No. Name Singers/Composer Folk Form Folk Writer/ Poet/ folk story teller
Singers with their Instruments Instruments
1. Dr. Mannu Yadav Bhojpuri singer Birha, Khadi, Loriki, Chandaini, Kajri, Dholak, Harmonium, Kartaal, Jhanjh, Manjra
2. Gajendra Kr. Pandey Bhojpuri singer Harmonium, keypad, Naal
3. Gopal Maurya Birha singer Dholak, Harmonium, Karataal, Jhanjh Writer/ Poet
4. Gopal Singh (Rai) Singer Banjo, Drum, Dholak, Harmonium
5. Kailash Nath Mishra Poorvi, Chapariyaan, Kajri, Dadra, Shringarik geet, Lachhari & Kaharwa Dholak, Tabla, Harmonium, Khajadi, Chang, Banjo, Key Board
6. Maina Devi Srivastava Bhojpuri Singer (Jatsaar, Poorvi, Jhumar, Nat) Dholak, Tabla, Harmonim,, Jhanjh, Chang Composer, Poetess
7. Manoj Chaubey Promoter, music recorder
8. Manoranjan Ojha Singer and music director Harmonium, Naal, Jhanjh, Khajadi
9. Nandji ‘Nanda’ Singer Harmonium Bhojpuri Folk Poet
10. Ramanuj Pathak Bhojpuri singer Dholak, Harmonium, Karataal, Jhanjh, Shahnai, Khajadi, Basuri
11. Ramdas Giri Bhojpuri singer, music composer Harmonium
12. Ranjeet Bhojpuri music composer, Studio in-charge Bhojpuri song recorder
13. Prof. Ram Narayan Tiwari Bhojpuri Music composer, lyricist Harmonium, Janjh Writer & Poet
14. Shiv Lal Bhojpuri singer, Theatre artist Joridiya, Khajadi, Majish, Dholak, Harmonium
15. Shyam Prakash Bhojpuri Folk singer Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Bansuri
16. Suresh Kantak Singer, theatre artist Harmonium Poet
17. Kumar Nayan Gazal singer (Hindi & Bhojpuri) Poet
18. Prof. Ram Narayan Tiwari Bhojpuri Music composer, lyricist Writer & Poet
19. Priyanka Singh Bhojpuri singer, – Poorbi, Kajri, & playback singer in Bhojpuri films
20. Chaudhari Kanhaiya Prasad Singh Poet, lyricist
21. Santosh Bhojpuri singer
Poets/ writers/story tellers
22. Akhilesh Story writer
23. Anant Kr. Singh Bhojpuri story teller
24. Arun Kamal Poet, Writer & Author
25. Arun Mohan ‘Bharvi’ Poet, writer
26. Arun Sitansh Bhojpuri Poet
27. Awadesh Premji Poet, composer, lyricist
28. Bhalchandra Tripathi Poet
29. Budh Sharan Hans Writer
30. Deepak Kr. Rai Writer & Author
31. Dr. Jiledar Singh Writer
32. Dr. Taiyyan Hussain Writer/ Poet
33. Gopal Maurya Birha singer Writer/ Poet
34. Hariram Diwedi Poet
35. Jiledar Singh Writer
36. Jitendra Verma Poet
37. Khagendra Thakur Writer & Author
38. Kumar Nayan Gazal singer (Hindi & Bhojpuri) Folk poet & music composer
39. Laxmi Kant ‘Mukul’ Folk Story Teller
40. Madan Kesari ‘Jigar’ Folk Poet
41. Maina Devi Srivastava Bhojpuri Singer (Jatsaar, Poorvi, Jhumar, Nat)
42. Manikant Mishra Folk Story Teller
43. Musafir Baitha Bhojpuri Writer & Poet
44. Nandji ‘Nanda’ Folk Poet
45. Pramod Tiwari Poet & Writer
46. Prof. Brij Kishore Writer/ Editor of Bhojpuri magazine
47. Prof. Chauthi Ram Yadav Writer
48. Rajesh Nayek Writer
49. Ramadhar Singh Folk Poet
50. Ravindra Srivastava ‘Jugani’ Bhojpuri Writer & Folk Poet, composer
51. S.S. Khan Writer
52. Shiv Bahadur Pandey ‘Preetam’ Writer & Poet
53. Sultan Singh Gautam Writer / Publisher
54. Suresh Kantak Poet
55. Suresh Kr. Mishra Writer & Poet
56. Tarakeshwar Mishra ‘Rahi’ Singer Poet
57. Usha Kiran Khan Singer Poet, folk novelist
58. Vandana Rai Poetess
59. Prakash Uday Poet

Note: The list includes some names both as poets as well as singers as per their expertise.

Source: Field surveys, interviews and other information and sources.

Akhilesh jiAkhilesh

Akhilesh ji was born in the year 1960 in Kadipur, Sultanpur. He is editor of ‘Tadbhav’ a three monthly Hindi journal (patrika). He is known as a novelist (kathakaar) and his exemplary contribution on migration books. He completed his education from the University of Allahabad. He earned accodales for successful publications of his journal ‘Tadbhav’. He also had been in the jury panel of Pustakalay Samiti. He shall be remembered for his contributions like Aadmi nahi tootta, anweshan aur mukti and shrapgrast. For his writings he has been awarded with ‘Shrikant Verma Samman’ and ‘Parimal Samman’.

Contact Details
Village 18/20 Indra nagar
Lucknow – 226016

Anant Kumar SinghAnant Kumar Singh

Anant Kumar was born on the 7th of February 1953 in the village Bahera, Post Jhari, Prakhand Aamas, District Gaya, of Bihar. Anant ji has to his credit many published stories, evaluations, critics, and interviews. He also has some publication in Magahi. Apart from these he also some publication related to Cancer Legend Collections (Kark Katha Sangraha). Some of prominent ones among them are – Kathfodwa, Tumhari Tasveer Nahi. He also wrote books on history named ‘Kunwar Singh ki Kranti’. Ananat Kumar’s stories are also broadcasted on Aakashwani. He is also an editor for the literary magazine ‘Janpath’.

Contact Details
Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.
Aara mandal, Mandal Pandey Road,
Dist. Bhojpur- 802301 (Bihar)
Mob: – 9431847568

Arun KamalArun Kamal

Editor of ‘Aalochna’, Arun Kamal is also engaged as lecturer in Englih in University. As a popular poet he is known for his compositions like ‘putlo ka sansaar’, kewal dhaar’ and ‘nai elake’ etc. he has been awarded with ‘Bhara Bhushan Agarwal and Raghuvir Sahay Samman for his exemplary contributions. He has also been awarded by the Sathitya Academy. His relentless efforts are directed towards promotion of Bhojpuri.

Contact Details
Maitreyi Shanti Sadan
B.M Devi Road
Mob: 9931443866

Arun Mohan ‘Bharvi’Arun Mohan ‘Bharvi’

Arun Mohan was born on the 26th of June 1950 in Buxar District of Bihar. He is a known figure as a prolific writer in Bhojpuri academics. His mythological novel ‘Dahkaat-Purvaiya’ composition brought him to limelight. After this his writings ‘Kareja Kaat’, Rakhbhaur Aag’ as a commendable contribution to Bhojpuri literature gave him due recognition. He is also engaged as an aditor. He does editing for a three monthly Bhojpuri magazine ‘Gadahpurna’. He has also got publslihed a Bhojpuri encyclopedia. He composed his poetry collection ‘Antarman ke Rang Anek’. His compositions have been included in the post graduation syllabus.

Contact Details
Arya Aawas Dwara Arya Academy
Near State Bank, Buxar
Pin- 802101
Mob: 09431525695

Arun SitanshArun Sitansh

Arun Sitansh was born on 2nd of Novemebr 1972 in Bhojpur, Bihar. He is a famous novelist and poet. He is also involved in the editorial team of the magazine ‘Deshaj’. Many of his poetry compositions and stories are published in Deshaj and other magazines. By profession he is a teacher and got many awards for poetry writing.

Contact Details
Mani Bhavan,
Sankat Mochan Nagar, Aara, Bihar
Mob: 09431685589

Awadesh PremjiAwadesh Premji

Premji had a very harsh childhood. With responsibility of two sisters and mother he struggled hard to make ends meet. After the early demise of his father he resorted to run petty errands to keep alive his quest for education along with his livelihood. But soon after passing Class11th he had to quit his studies and take up the responsibility of family sustenance full-flegedly. He laments under the cover of austerity, all ideals die. He reiterates his pain that people who take advantage of him surpass him and do not even acknowledge his credentials. He admits that he writes for the established writers for money. But the pain of the writer remains deep in his heart as he writes, “Hamra dard ke jaani duniya laagi kaun bedardi…..geet banu le”. But he reiterates that it is only the pain in the heart of the poet that gives birth to poetry. Sharing concern over growing commercialization of Bhojpuri culture he says, in keeping with the commercial demands there is lot of experiments ongoing. It is the period of remix. the essence of Bhojpuri lies in its purity but now there is growing trend of using double meaning words in Bhojpuri that add vulgarity appeasing the commercial demands. But he admits that such writings are his business as he needs to survive with his writings. He substantiates his work by admitting that with two sons opting for high education of MMBS and IIT it would be difficult if he did not yield to pressures. But to his heart he admits that such amalgams and remixes have ruined the essence of Bhojpuri.

Contact Details
Awadesh Premji
Village & Post: Sondhika, Buxar
Mob: 9525477084

Bhalchandra TripathiBhalchandra Tripathi

Born in 1966 in Azamgarh District of Uttar Pradesh developed his interest in writing and compositions from his uncle Shri. Rishi Tripathi. He was known for his prose and literary compositions. With his upbringing in an academically sound family, Bhalchandra developed and nurtured his potentials and latent talents from early childhood. Bhalchandra started his writings narratives of day to day incidents in village of solemn nature or happening that would have an imprint in his mind. These writings would be further furnished and brushed by his uncle who would detail him with even the minute aspects. With this his writings became sharp, crisp and interesting. Gradually with each publication his writings were encouraged and improved for better. Even during his study life he was involved in writing Gadya, Chand, and poems. Life after completion of his studies was strugglesome. His writings survived with enragements from his presentations and publications. Suffering under severe economic crunch, Balchandraji managed to grab a service as an officer in the agriculture department. As this was an extension job, he managed to get time for his writings. He gradually expanded his horizon of work from his writings of peoms in Hindi Khadi Boli (crude language) to Bhojpuri folk song compositions. He soon became famous for his rhythmic performances and presentations that would grab the attention and interest of the people. He has two books to his credit that were published in Hindi Khadi Boli. His compiled collection Bhojpuri songs named ‘Paat also got published soon. This book was felicitated with Sarjana Award by the Rajya Hindi Santhan. Gradually he started participating in the Bhojpuri Sammelans (gatherings) far and wide. He travelled nation-wide to spread Bhojpuri culture. From time to time several Lokpatrikas got published. In the year 1993 his first publication got published in the ‘Lokmanya’ Journal from Kolkatta.

Contact Details
Gauri Bazar, Azamgarh
Ph: 9415837459

Budh Sharan HansBudh Sharan Hans

Shri. Budh Sharan Hans was born in Tarora village of Vajirganj district in Bihar. He completed his primary and intermediate examinations there but moved to district to complete his graduation.he did his masters and LLB education from the Ranchi University. Though he was an administrative officer but with keen inclination towards academics he continued to wite. He came to be known as ‘Dalit Paswan’. For his exemplary writings in Bhojpuri and Hindi he was awarded ‘Baba Saheb’ Award by the Bihar government. He is known for his novels and writings on thoughts of Ambedkar. Most of his novels that have become famous are based on the pains of migration. He is also involed in publication of books and participates in sales and bopok fairs. His famous book ‘tukde-tukde aayine’ has been among best sellers.

Contact Details
Village- Chitkohra, Anisabad
Post- Patna
Mob: 9507826323

Deepak Kumar RaiDeepak Kumar Rai

Deepak Kr. Rai was born in Veerpur District of Balia District of Uttar Pradeh. He is a writer and also a historian, As a progressive writer he is also incharge of writers association of Bihar. Deepak ji has written a book on 1857 revolution alongwith Brij Kumar Pandey. His important book on ‘Shahabad ka Etihaas’ has gained much popularity.

Contact Details
Charitravan, Opposite to DM Residence
Buxar, Bihar- 802101
Mob: – 9431433478

Dr. Jiledar SinghDr. Jiledar Singh

Originally from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, Jiledar Singh has now permanently settled in Nava Naroda in Ahmedabad. He is a teacher by profession. Dr. Jiledar is making conscious efforts to promote Bhojpuri culture. He teaches at a remote college where he is also actively involved in organizing Bhojpuri festival celebrations and Bhojpuri organizations.

Contact Details
42, Sagar Tenament
Naroda, Kathvada Road,
Nava Naroda, Ahmedabad
Mob: – 7874813662

Dr. Mannu YadavDr. Mannu Yadav

Mannu Yadav was born on the 1st of June 1972, in Kashipur, post Purushottampur of Chunar in Mirzapur distict of UP. He has t his credit several important compositions like- Lorik Kavya Khand, Lalima Danki etc. He is an expert on traditional forms of Bhojpuri songs like Birha, Khadi, Loriki, Chandaini, Kajri etc. he also was a playback singer in the film ‘muhalla assi’. In the Bhojpuri fim ‘Rakhwala’ he also played the role as co-actor.

Mannu Yadav is also associated with several known music companies like T-Series, Rama Sangeet, Kunal, A.V.R. music etc and has approximnately 100 cassettes to his name. He has also been the president of the National Birha Academy and editor of three monthly magazine ‘Darpan’. Dr. Mannu Yadav for the last 36 years is involved in Birha singing form. Acknowledging the fact that there are no important work or books on significant Bhojpuri form of Birha, he researched and compiled materials realted to birha form over the years and composed a book on it named, ‘Birha Darshan-Etihaas Sanskriti aur Parampara’. Propogating the charm of Birha music, Yadav travelled over dozen countries. Dr. Mannu Yadav is an established resource person or expert on Birha form of Bhojpuri music.

Contact Details
Hari Om Nagar Colony,
Samne Ghat,
Bijuria Baba Mandir Lanka, Varanasi
Mob:- 9415994909

Dr. Rajesh NayakDr. Rajesh Nayak

Dr. Nayak is a lecturer in Jaiprakash University of Chapra, Bihar. He attained his education from University of Allahabad. He is regularly engaged in conducting literary activities in universities. He is also associated with Bihar-Bhopuri academy. As a member of Bhikhari Thakur Organizing committee he organizes programmes on Bhojpuri culture and traditions on a large scale.

Contact Details
20, Adhikari Chatrawas,
Near Kutchery Bus Stand, Gorakhpur,
Mob: – 9415649490

Dr. Ravindra ShrivastavaDr. Ravindra Shrivastava

Dr. Ravindra Shrivastava pen named as ‘Zugaani’ is one of the main exponents of modern Bhojpuri literature in the Bhojpuri-region. He hails from a family renowned for its literary credentials. Renowned creative writer Firaq Gorakhpuri was his grandfather. Always surrounded with literary giants his latent literary potentials were ignited and furnished. He started writing articles at very tender age. These articles were encouraged by his teachers for publication. Inspired with this he took active part in cultural activities, debates and extempore. Gradually his creative writings improved and so were his stage . He developed an affinity towards public applauds, garlands and mikes. Many of his books were published. Now he wished to go for public expression of his creativities through Aakaashwani, Gorakhpur. Notable …. Shivani was among the interview panelists. She was aware of his writings and publications. The interview panel and therefore selected him. Soon he developed his love for Bhojpuri. He pioneered a channel show ‘Maati ki Boli” the language of the soil, to be aired from the Gorakhpur Akaashwani. His pen name ‘Jugaani’ became famous through his show. He was new to Akaashwani and had the onus to prove his self. He literally structured the whole broadcast content, and became widely popular. In search of local performers meticulously conducted village surveys for more than three years. It was difficult in the initial stages to trace, contact and develop rapport with them. Many of his discoveries of folk performers became famous. One among them is the youth artist Malini Awasthi. Later, he set trends for Radio-presentations and organized many pure Bhojpuri-Kavi-Sammelans. Jugaani’s contribution to development and propagation of Bhojpuri will be remembered with his few poems published collection titled “Nokiyaat Doobi”, which would give a glimpse of what is being written in modern Bhojpuri literature, side-by side our great ‘Vaachik Parampara’ of eternal Bhojpuri geet. He would always be remembered as a vivid Bhojpuri presenter, a popular poet and satirist.

Contact Details
Ravindra Srivastava ‘Zugaani’
Opposite to Rawat Pathshala
Kurkmaanpur, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
Mob: 9935458063

Dr. Taiyyab HussainDr. Taiyyab Hussain

Dr. Taiyyab was born in the year 1945 in the village Basant Garba of Saran Bihar. A renowned folk artist, Dr. Hussain did his doctoral work on Bhikhari Thakur. His research work centers on understanding Bhikhariji’s creation ‘dharmita’. He has to his credit 12 original works in Bhojpuri-Hindi and 5 edited books. He has been writing Bhojpuri novels and poems by his pen name ‘peedit’ or the sufferer. He retired from his lecturership designation in Z A Islamia college fo Jai Prakash university, Seewan in the year 2005.

Contact Details
T.H. Thaur,
New Azimabad Colony
Post- Mahendru, Patna-6
Mob: 9939595933

Gajendra Kumar PandeyGajendra Kumar Pandey

Gajendra Kumar Pandey was born on the 11th of November 1987 in Chanduali district of Gokulparam village. He completed his primary nd high school education from village and then travelled to Varanasi to do his graduation and post graduation fron BHU in Hindi. He was attracted to Bhojpuri music from his native village of Chanduali. He then participated in mahua channel. He reached as a finalist in 2009-10. He got recognition from Folk Jalwa and carried forward his series of success. Gajendra also participated in sur-sangram, Jaipur in the year 2004 and also in Kajri Mahotsav, Jaipur in 2007. Shri Gajendra is also engaged as a singer in Aakashwani, Varanasi.

Contact Details
Lane No. 4, Krishnagar Colony
Samne Ghat-Varanasi
Mob. – 9838484781

Gopal MauryaGopal Maurya

Gopal Maurya was born to an ordinary peasant family of Chausa village of Buxar district. He was the only brother amongst six sisters. Gopalji is a singer as well as an adept Bhojpuri composer. Born to a very simple family, his father was a village folk singer proficient in Birha, Saranga, Niakawa etc. He learned this art since childhood. In his youthful years way back in 1987 to 1989 he went Punjab. He was an ardent reader and wanderer and loved to learn and explore new things. He came across a very interesting quote that said, “Quality is that which can be transformed into to act”. This quote became his perennial source of inspiration that transformed his life all together. He strictly refrains from composing on demand sizzling numbers and compositions that usually have ribald lyrics to tantalize the audience. Unmoved by external pressures he sticks on to his simple living and high thinking style of living. His work is demanded in several regions of Uttar Pradesh like Allahabad, Bahraich, Mirzapur, Banaras, Azamgarh and Sonbhadra. When probed why he has not been interested to take benefits of the dynamic avenues in the music industry to earn name and fame, he innocently answers, “I do not wish to meet people who have sold culture for money.” He feels proud to be rooted and honest to his country and countrymen. In all his endeavours his rock support comes from his wife who though is illiterate but stood by him in all his ordeals. Popularly known as Munnaji, was born in Saraura village of Buxar to an ordinary peasant family. His parents were peasants though his uncles were Class 1 officers with the Bihar government. He completed his education from Gaya, Patna, Aara and Buxar. He qualified the BPSC examinations and stood 6th. Fatefully his elder brother was murdered and there was none to take care of his family of three children and his wife. His parents were old and infirm and could bear the domestic responsibilities. He humbly accepts that he is not a big name but has always refrained from cheap popularity. He faintly remembers the hits of Gopal Maurya’s “holi ke geet” recording that was a major hit. Reiterating the credentials of Gopal Maurya he informed us that his album on Lord Buddha received national and international fame. This album was released both in Bhojpuri and Hindi versions. Apart from his music as business he is also a good composer. His many compositions have been sung by Guddu Gawar, Gopal Maurya, Pawan Vyas and many other renowned Bhojpuri artists. He accepts that he anonymously composed for many singers.

Contact Details
Post Chausa, Bahadurpur, Dist. Buxar,
Mob:- 9931227724

Gopal Singh RaiGopal Singh Rai

Gopal Singh was born on the 15th of August 1974 in Bharauli village in district of Balia, UP. He is a known figure in Bhajpuri music industry. Many of his sogs are on social issues. He reached the zenith of fame with his release of Bhojpuri album ‘Badka- Gharana’. He then became one of the most wanted and demanded Bhojpuri singers. Till now Gopal Singh has to his credit about 31 albums and also did playback singing in many Bhojpuri films.

Contact Details
Madan Kesari ‘Jigar’
Gol Bazar Road, Dumraav, Buxar
Mob: – 9835817095

Hariram DiwediHariram Diwedi

Born in the year 1936 in village Sherva of Mirzapur district Pandit Hariram Diwedi had been associated with Aakashwani for more than three decades. He retired in the year 1994. His education was very high quality. His inclination had been towards literatue, arts and culture. He is an established Bhojpuri poet and also a scholar in Hindi language. He earned several awards like Manishi Samman from the Manishi Parishad, Purabiya Gaurav Samman by the Vishwa Bhojpuri Sangh, Bhojpuri Setu Samman and Banke Ram Tiwari Samaj Samman by the Uttar Bhartiya Manch, Mumbai and Rahul Sanskrityayan Puraskaar by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan. He is still has great charm for Bhojpuri singing and writings. Many of his Bhojpuri contributions like ‘Nadyo Gail Dubarai, Anganaiyan, Jeevan Dayini Ganga, Hashiye ka Dard, Ban Fakora etc have been widely acknowledged.

Contact Details
Village: – Ajmat Palace
Motijheel, Varanasi
Mob: 9236187300

Jitendra VermaJitendra Verma

Jitendra Verma was born in 1973 on the 15th of Sept. in Siwan District of Bihar. Jitendra is known as a youth poet and writer in Bhojpuri world. He has done expleary work on literature science. He worked in compilation of Hindi-English vocabulary in making of a dictionary published by the Central Hindi Institute, Agra. In this dictionary he collected some rare and near extinct words of Bhojpuri language. He has done exemplary work for the propogation and promotion of Bhopuri language. He searched for the rare collections of Gorakh Pandey’s Bhojpuri songs and compiled it to get published from the National Book Trust. Jitendra Verma has worked meticulously on Bhojpuri language and also writes Bhojpuri songs.

Contact Details
Transport, Rajendra Path,
Siwan-841226, Bihar
Mob: 9430677523

Kailash Nath MishraKailash Nath Mishra

The cherished memoirs of the beautiful unmettled pathways, shade of mango trees, lush green swaying crops bordering the riverlets, melody of chirping birds, thatched village cottages, mud houses, melodious seasonal songs of spring (Kajri) and monsoons, freely wandering animals, herds of sheep and goat, clear night sky, the twinkling of stars, cooling moon, the dawn sunrise shying between the trees, farmer carrying ploughs on his shoulder, the bulls ploughing, dancing peacocks and beautiful mesmerizing colourful butterflies still consume the thoughts of Kailsh ji. Kailash Nath Mishra is one of many famous Bhojpuri composers who thrive and earn livelihood through his compositions and its presentations. Kailash Mishra was born in 1953 in a middle class family in village Sheetalganj, Dist. Jaunpur. Being the first child he was an apple of their eyes. Gradually, with growing liabilities of four more sons his parents struggled to make ends meet. Kailash ji had a very hard and challenging childhood. His father migrated and got employed at a textile mill in Mumbai. Kailash Nath did his intermediate from Balbhadra, Inter College, Pali, Subhashnagar, Jaunpur. His passion for music now was widely being acknowledged and in great demand among the folk singers for his important compositions on Poorvi, Birha, Chapariyaan, Kajri, Dadra, Shringarik geet, lachhari and Kaharwa.

Contact Details
Village: Delhupur
Post: Sheetalganj, Jaunpur
Mob: 9559688876

Khagendra ThakurKhagendra Thakur

Shri Khagendra Thakur was born on the 9th of Sept 1937 at Malini Gonda in Jharkhand. He is originally a writer and poet of Hindi language. He is an expert on poems, critics, satarics and other such subjects. Most of his compositions are on critical analysis. Vikalp ki Prakriya, Aaj ka vaicharik sangarsh, marxwaad, aalochala k bahane, samay samaj va manushya, kavita ka vartaman, chayavadi kavya bhasha ka vivechan, kavita sangrah are some of his publications.

Contact Details
Path 24, Rajiv Nagar,
Patna, Bihar
Pin- 800024
Mob: 9431102736

Kumar NayanKumar Nayan

Born on the 5th of January, in the year 1955 at Buxar district of Bihar, Nayan is a well known Bhojpuri litteratuer. His major contributions are in Bhojpuri and Hindi poems. One of his Bhojpuri solo poetry compositions is ‘Sab Rogan Ke Ek Dawai’. His poetries compositions in Hindi are like ‘Paav Kate Bimbh’. His compositions regularly get published in renowned magazines. His programmes are also presented in Aakashwani programmes. Kumar Nayan is also known for his distinguished Ghazal compositions like – ‘Ahsaas’, ‘Aaj Barsate hain Shajar’ and ‘Khyal –Dar-Khyal’. He has been awrded with ‘Nirala Samman, Galib Samman, Bihar Bhojpuri Samman 2013 and Bhikhari Thakur Samman 2011.

Contact Details
Khalasi Muhalla,
Post, Dist. Buxar, Bihar
Pin: 802101
Mob: 8271174800

Kushdwaj Singh 'Munna'Kushdwaj Singh ‘Munna’

Popularly known as Munnaji, was born in Saraura village of Buxar to an ordinary peasant family. His parents were peasants though his uncles were Class 1 officers with the Bihar government. He completed his education from Gaya, Patna, Aara and Buxar. He accepts that in the present music industry there is growing reliance on trick system, computer generated techno music that fairly does not require talents. It is a market for remixes. Even renowned singers are also involved in their remix songs. Sharing his marketing strategy he says he has contacts with established wholesale traders in Aara and Patna. Some cassettes earn revenues in name of their singers. Some cassettes find good distributors. He modestly accepts that he is not a very high profile person. Reiterating the credentials of Gopal Maurya he informed us that his album on Lord Buddha received national and international fame. This album was released both in Bhojpuri and Hindi versions. Apart from his music as business he is also a good composer. His many compositions have been sung by Guddu Gawar, Gopal Maurya, Pawan Vyas and many other renowned Bhojpuri artists. He accepts that he anonymously composed for many singers.

Contact Details
Kushdwaj Singh “Munna”
Teacher’s Colony
Charitwan, Buxar
Mob: 08540940279

Lt. Chaudhari Kanhaiya Prasad Singh 'Aarohi'Lt. Chaudhari Kanhaiya Prasad Singh ‘Aarohi’

He was an eminent Bhojpuri writer. His works got published since 1960 in several Bhojpuri magazines of India as well as Nepal. Many of his compositions of poetry, Haiku, Senrayu, Ghazals, Tanka, Bharvai, Sortha, Doha, Bhajans, Savaiya, stories, ekankis, plays etc. have been published. He had been broadcasted in Aarti Programme of Patna Aakashwani in 1980. As aresource person for our project his commendable inputs have alwys been fruitful in our programmes. He passed away for heavenly abode in the year 2015.

Contact Details
Sapna Prakshan, Sheetal Tola,
Aara, Bhojpur,

Madan Kesri 'Jigar'Madan Kesri ‘Jigar’

Madan Kesari ‘Jigar’ was born on the 5th of October, 1959 at Gola Bazar Road, Dumrav, Buxar District. He is a folk poet and writes poetries, Gazals and Stories in Bhojpuri language. Madanji’s poetries are published by ‘Teesri Aankh’ and Awaroh from Patna. He is endeavouring to get his poetries published.

Contact Details
Gol Bazar Road, Dumraav, Buxar
Mob: 9835817095

Mainawati Devi SrivastavaMainawati Devi Srivastava

Mainwati hails from Gorakhpur, a central region of Bhojpuri culture of India’s North-Central Cultural zone. This region is known for its rich heritage and culture, particularly because of its association with cities like Varanasi, Gazipur, Mirzapur, Sasaram, Rohtas etc. Many pioneers of Bhojpuri culture have been born and associated with this region be it Mahant Digvijaynath, Baba Raghav Das, Dharikshan Mishra, Moti B.A Dudhnath Sharma, Janardhan Pandey ‘Anuragi’, or Rangpal. Alongwith these dignified names, is associated the name of Smt. Maina Devi Srivastava popularly known as ‘Maina’. She earned many national and regional accolades for her exemplary contribution to Bhojpuri music. Some among them are ‘Swargiya Bhikhari Thakur Samman”, 1981, ‘Manjushri Samman’ from the Akhil Bhartiya Bhojpuri Parishad in 1993 and ‘Mahant Lal Das’ from Patna. Her contribution has been also through important compositions of Bhojpuri songs. She specializes in Jatsaar, Poorvi, Jhumar, Nat compositions and singing. Mainaji still remembers her each and every compositions by heart. Some of her important compositions are “Gaon ke Geet” Part-I and Part II, ‘Bhojpuri Geet Sangrah’, ‘Papiha Sevati, ‘Pukhraan ki Thathi’ and several Bhojpuri Chalisa. She is a lifetime member of Akhil Bhartiya Bhojpuri Sammelan, Patna and President Mahila Samiti, Shri Chitra Gupta Sabha, Gorakhpur and Vice President of Vishwa Bhojpuri Manch Balia, Uttar Pradesh.

Contact Details
Mainawati Devi Srivastava “Maina”
Ali Nagar, Charanlal Chauraha
(near Deep Studio)
Gorakhpur, UP
Mob: 9450878442

Manikant MishraManikant Mishra

Born in the year 1958 on the 1st of May at Sadawe Dulhin Bazar in Bihar, Manikant always preferred to work as a free lancer and as a liberate writer. Some of his notable credentials are his stories published in the monthly magagine Deshaj.

Contact Details
Sadaveh Mishra
Patna, Bihar
Mob: 9973268842

Manoj ChaubeyManoj Chaubey

Manoj Chaubey shows an entire list of playwriters, lyricists and performers who are known for their exemplary work on Bhojpuri culture. The list includes Nagina Pandey, Panchama Singh, Tarakeshwar Mishra Rahi, Acharya kiran Singh and others. Manoj Chaubey has been known for his efforts to conserve Bhajpuri literature. He had been instrumental in release of five major works of eminent Bhojpuri performer, also known as the Bhojpuri legend Bharat Sharma way back in 1989. He reiterates his struggles to establish himself as a Bhojpuri performer. He states his difficulties to find a platform to show his talent. Manoj though has assisted in composition and recordings of many successful songs but could never establish a studio for recording of his own. He laments, “Poverty sucks”. “I established many but due to lack of financial support I failed to find a platform for my own self. I am totally broken”. On being questioned why he could not use his contacts to establish himself, he answers people forget and even prefer to forget for their own benefits.

Contact Details
Purna Bus Stand, Buxar, Bihar
Mob: 9304665684

Manoranjan OjhaManoranjan Ojha

Folk singer and music director Manoranjan Ojha was born on the 12th of January 1967 in the village Ojhbalia (kala), Sahar post of Andhari district of Bhojpur Bihar. He was educated in Mathematics and Science with graduation degrees but his strong urge for music made him switch to music. He then did his Sangeet Bhaskar from Magadh University and learned classical vocal singing from Prachin Kala Kendra of Chandigarh. Shri Ohja is a Bhojpuri singer of high caliber and usually makes presentations in Doordarshan and Aakashwani. On the international front he participated in the 14th International Yuva Mahotsav of Hawana as a representative of Bihar culture. He also gave international performancs in Trinidad, West Indies and Port of Spain.

Contact Details
Village- 2- Gangamahal
Post- Uttari Mandiri, Patna

Musafir BaithaMusafir Baitha

A Bhojpuri poet Baitha is posted at RastraBhasha Kendra run by the Bihar government. Originally from Bihar, he is a renowned poet, writer and thinker. After completing his docorate from Hindi Literature he concentrated on wrting and became a renowned poet. Baitha is also active on ‘Bhojpuri Blog’.

Contact Details
Mob: – 09835045947

Nand Ji NandaNand Ji Nanda

Shri Nand ji is originally a teacher from Navnagar block of Balia. He was born in Chadi village in 1959. He gained the status of a known local poet by the year 1980. One of his major contributions to Bhojpuri literature is ‘Panchamrit’ which is collection of Nandji’s poetries. His recent collection of Bhojpuri comic poetries are in line for publication. Nandji participates in national level poetry concerts and programmes.

Contact Details
Village- Chadi, post- Navanagar,
Dist. Balia
Mob: – 9648286353

Pramod TiwariPramod Tiwari

A teacher by profession in Chandra Kheda village has been involved in over three decads of generations in promotion and preservation of rare genres of Bhojpuri art and cultural forms. After father’s retirement he chose to settle down in his own native village close to his roots. He has developed his Bhojpuri society in this village Chandra Kheda restoring al the traditions of Uttar Pradesh here.

Contact Details
214/Janranagar, Chand Kheda,
Opposite Amar Studio

Priyanka SinghPriyanka Singh

Priyanka Singh is a resident of Pahdiya, Varanasi. After completing her graduation from BHU, she embrased the profession of singing. She soon became a known figure in Bhojpuri singing in Varanasi. She also came to limelight after becoming co-singer with renowed and already established singers. She then started her own recordfing studio at Kodiyaar Enclave in Mumbai. She then sung for many music companies and did recordings. Till now Priyanka Singh has to her fame more than two dozen casstettes. She has carved a niche for herself in the field of Bhojpuri singing especially devetional songs.

Contact Details
A – 207, Kodiyaar Enclave
Ramdev Park, Meera Road- Mumbai
Mob: 9320771827

Prof. Brij KishorProf. Brij Kishor

Prof. Kishor was born on the 14th of January 1942 in Sagar village of Bhagwanpur in district Siwan, Bihar. Apart from his academic engagements he is involved in editorial work of Bhojpuri magazines. He is famous for his credible writings as stories, novels, poetry collections that have been duely published and acknowledged. From the year 1974 his successful writings got published. Some of popular works published like the Yoth Kuhasa Ki, Vidya Bharvi, Dharmratna and many others that have been notable works in Bhojpuri academics.

Contact Details
Saket Plaza
A 2/204
Jamal Road, Patna, Bihar
Mob. 9334112960

Prof. Chauthiram YadavProf. Chauthiram Yadav

A notable litterateur in Hindi literature Prof. Chauthiram was also the head of Hindi Department of BHU, Varanasi. He is an eminent philologist alongwith being a thinker. He has whole heartedly contributed to Hindi literature. Alongwith his contributions to Bhojpuri literature has alos been credited. His writings have been read among the Bhojpuri communities of Surinam and Mauritus.

Contact Details
Sundarpur, Varanasi,
Mob: 9415989793

Prof. Ram Narayan TiwariProf. Ram Narayan Tiwari

Ram Narayan Tiwari was born in the year 1964 in the Shahabad Village of Buxar district. His commendable work has been as a conservationist of Bhojpuri language and compiling its rare and near extinct songs. He has made collections of rare Jatsaar (Bhaojpuri folk form) songs. He has done credible work in its analysis and capturing the transfoprmations.

Contact Details
Mohalla- Harishamri, Ghazipur
Pin-233001, UP
Mob: 9450519928

Ramaadhar SinghRamaadhar Singh

Ramaadhar was born on the 9th of March, 1950 in Buxar district of Bihar. He is a free lancer. He is nown for his Bhojpuri stories and composition of deveotional songs. He is also the editor of the Buxar magazine that captures the programmes of Buxar Mahotsava.

Contact Details
Mob: 9931606017

Ramanuj PathakRamanuj Pathak

A resident of Baderi (Badkapura) village belongs to a very down to earth family. He learned Bhojpuri music and singing from his family and its strong background of Bhojpuri cutlture. To earn his livelihood he had to rely on daily wage labour. He started a pan stall then a tea stall, becam ea taxi driver, but could nopt find satisfaction of work in any of these errands. Finally he started practing and performing singing Bhojpuri songs that was close to his heart. Soon he gained recognition and never looked back again. He started performing with songs devoted to Mother Goddess (Devi Geet) and then with Birha songs, Chatt Maiya songs etc. His caliber silenced all doubts of his family members. Now he started professionally performing and carried forward his passion as his work. Now he has permanently settled in Nala Sopara, in Mumbai and earns his livelihood purely from his performances devoted to Bhojpuri music.

Contact Details
Baderi Village, Post Jaunpur,
Mob: 07385552411

Ramdas GiriRamdas Giri

Ramdas gii was born in village- Sakkadi, Giritola of Saran District on 9th of October, in the year 1959. Coming from a very normal family wih agricultural background, Ramdas Giri was involved in conservation of Mahendra Mishra’s works. He got inclined towards Bhojpuri singing and music. Soon he started singing songs of Mahendra ji’s and Bhikhari Thakur’s compositions. At present he is engaged as a music teacher in Kamleshwar Pandey Sangeet University and it branch Surya Dev Inter College. Giri has participated in many national level p[rogrammes and performed for E. Tv and Mahua Channels of Bihar.

Contact Details
Village Sakkadi (Giritola)
Jalalpur, Saran
Mob: 9973731307

Ramesh Bahadur SinghRamesh Bahadur Singh

Ramesh Bahadur is a resident of Balia District of Uttar Pradesh. He comepleted his graduation from Bhimpura Balia. Due to his father’s engagement in service at Ahmedabad his family chose to migrate to Ahmedabad and finally settle here. He got engaged as a teacher in a school. But his strong penchant for his Bhojpuri culture never subsided even in alien deastination. He formed a society of his group of Purvanchal Bhojpuri people. He also developed a Bhojpuri Sangh. These people gather and coordinate to organize cultural fests on festive occasions in the Chandkheda hamlet of Ahmedabad.

Contact Details
New C.G. Road
Chand Kheda, Gandhinagar
Mob: 9998931902


Ranjeet is a residen of Khodiyar Apartment in Nala Sopara. He developed his recording studio there. He does recoring, sound effects and dubbings of Bhojhpuri songs from here. Through medium of recording of Bhojpuri songs he has promoted Bhojpuri songs as well as performers. He has been involved in promotion of Bhojpuri singers in their nascent stage who lag recognition residing in the worker’s colony of Mumbai. His efforts have been instrumental in proving these unsung but rooted Bhojpuri singers a strong platform.

Contact Details
Khodiyaar Enclave, A-201
Meea Road, Mumbai

S.S. KhanS.S. Khan

Shri Sultan Salaud Hasan Khan was born in Kerakat, Jaunpur in the year 1965. He completed his education from his native village and thereafter he completed his graduation from the University of Allahabad. Due to his inclination towards towards writing and academics he started writing in Sahitya Coloumn and also workeda as a news correspondent. Even today he is engaged with leading news papers and dailies lke Aaj, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagaran feature page incharge. He is known for his writings in Hindi, Urdu and Bhojpuri. Fundamentally he is involved in recordings and promotion of new emerging talents in Bhojpuri singing giving them platform in the Jaunpur distict of Uttar Pradesh.

Contact Details
Village: – Narhan
Kerakat, Jaunpur
Mob: – 9415300255


Santosh is a resident of Harigaon, Ara district of Bihar. The village Harigaon has witness huge migration. Amongst such migrants is one family of Santosh. Residents of this village moved to Punjab, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad and Mumabi and settled there. Santosh’s grandfather Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (September 18, 1899 – December 15, 1985) also known as Chacha Ramgoolam, was a Mauritian politician, statesman and philanthropist. He was a leader in the Mauritian independence movement, and served as the first Chief Minister and Prime Minister of Mauritius, as well as its sixth Governor General. He was the Chairpersonof the Organisation of African Unity from 1976 to 1977. As the leader of the Labour Party, Ramgoolam fought for the rights of labourers and led Mauritius to independence in 1968. As Mauritius’ first Prime Minister, he played a crucial role in shaping modern Mauritius’ government, political culture and foreign policy. He worked for the emancipation of the Mauritian population, established free universal education and free health care services, and introduced old age pensions. He is known as the “Father of the Nation”. His son, Navin Ramgoolam, has had three terms as Prime Minister of Mauritius. Given the high profile status of Santosh grandfather, Santosh has been intstrumental in shaping and providing information of Bhojpuri culture and performers of his region.

Contact Details
Village Harigaon
Post Harigaon, Aara District

Shiv Bahadur Pandey 'Preetam'Shiv Bahadur Pandey ‘Preetam’

Shiv Bahadur was born on the 13th of August in the year 1944 in Amrupur village of Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh. Some of his notable publications are ‘Prakhar Purush (Hindi Prabandh Kaavya)’, ‘Gunj-ai-Gazhal’ (Bhojpuri Prabandh Kavya), songs and poetries and many published stories. At present he is writing a prabandh kaavya titled, ‘Shakti Purush Bhagwaan Parshuram hai’.

Contact Details
Kumud Kutir, Maharaja Hata,
Thana Road, Buxar, Bihar
Mob: 8651228864

Shiv LalShiv Lal

Shiv Lal is the lone surviving member of the famous Bhikari Thakur Nataya Mandali who worked with Bhikariji in person. He shares with us his journey of music with us. Bhikari Thakur who was an Indian playwright, lyricist, actor, folk dancer, folk singer and social activist in Bhojpuri language popularly known as the “Shakespeare of Bhojpuri” for his literary creations dramas (Bidesiya including including, Bhai-Birodh, Beti-Viyog or Beti Bechba (daughter-seller), Kalyuga Prema (Love in Kalyuga), Radheshyam Behar (based on krisna-radha love), Ganga-asnan (ceremonial bath in the Ganges), Bidhwa-vilap, Putrabadh (filicide), Gabar-Ghichor (based on an illegitimate child), and Nanad and songs that still retain their audience and charm even today. During the period of Shiv Lal there were 23 people in this Mandali. He played important roles in several plays like the Bidesia, Ganga Snan, Krshna Leela, Putra Vadhu, Bhai Virodh, Jai Hind, Nanad Bhowjai, Gabar-Gijhor. After the demise of Bhikari Thakur, he has taken up his work. The plays have houseful audience and at times it even becomes difficult to manage and control the crowd. To ease the raging public and their demand they even had to repeat the plays in three shifts. Shiv Lal was only 20-22 years old when he played first in the Bidesia play.

Contact Details
Village: Mishrauliya, Jalalpur
Chapra (Saran)

Shyam PrakashShyam Prakash

Shyam Prakash is a budding artist and Bhojpuri singer. Born in the year 1986 on the 14th of May, in Gorakhpur city, Shyam has been able to carve a niche for himself in the Bhojpuri music. He performs on stage both in Bhojpuri and Hindi. He travelled for his performances far and wide spreading the charm of Bhojpuri music to far flung areas of Nepal, Mau and Gorakhpur his home town. Apart from his inclination towards snging he is also pursuing his post graduation studies.

Contact Details
Jungle Tulsiram
Near Bichiya Ramlila Maidan
Mob: 9503384693

Sultan Singh GautamSultan Singh Gautam

Born in Meerut, Sultan Singh Gautam now resides in Bhagpat district of Jonmona village. He got his primary education from village and did his intermediate from Bir Smarak Inter College, Baraut. To further his higer education pursuits he joined the Digamber Jain College and got entrance in BSc. He even joined the armed forces durig the Indo-Pak war time. S.S> Gautam in the year 1971 was only 17 years old at that time. He then became a prolific writer, publisher and thinker. He is now the incharge of Gautam book Center and Director of research Institute. Shri Gautam has been relentlessly involved in writing on marginalized sections of the society. His idioms and pharses books are also well sold. He through his writings on folk traditions, phrases and popular idioms has enriched folk culture.

Contact Details
Gautam Book Center
C-263, A Chandan Nagar,
Hardevpuri, Shahdara, Delhi

Suresh KantakSuresh Kantak

Suresh had a very hard childhood when he had struggles to meet even his petty needs. His family survived on daily wages earned from agriculture. Since childhood he saw harsh financial hardships. He saw how petty farmers and labourers remained clutched in the hands of the money lenders. Though his family was a normal family but he remembers the hardships and harassment faced by his grandfather during his father’s study period. He assimilated his harsh experiences of feudal tortures and trauma of the farmers in his life. His childhood stands testimony to the tortures and torments of zamindari and feudal lords. Therefore, his experiences get reflected in his works and writings. Tired of the feudal pressures his father chose to shift to Kolkata for a better future. Suresh had to quit his high school studies. With support of his aunt he managed to matriculate and join Jain college of Aara. It was here where he identified his inherent writing skills. He was greatly influenced by Prem Chand’s writings. His reflections could be easily found in his writings. He found many well-wishers and friends who promoted and showed interest in his writing skills. He remembers one Mr. Yunus Miyan who directed him to one Mr. Navendu in Aara who was an eminent and influential writer of his times. Suresh got many contacts from his advice. One such contact was of Brijendra Jalani who found interest in his poems and stories. Suresh started with his fiery writings on many contemporary issues like naxalism. Suresh Katak chose to live in his village far away from the urban hustle bustle. He writes from his roots but has maintained contacts with his fellow writers in Aara from where he gets published.

Contact Details
Kant Bhramhapur, Buxar District
Pin- 802112
Mob: 09931837620/ 09472461375

Suresh Kumar MishraSuresh Kumar Mishra

Suresh Kuamr Mishra was born on the 8th of June, 1954 in Sewari Jalalpur, Bihar. She is an expert on Bhojpuri language and she has to her credit many Bhojpuri poems and stories published in several emiment magazines. He has done some very commendable works by editing books like, Mahendra Mishra k Geet sansar, Mahendra Mishra Vividh Aayam and Bhikari Thakur k Antaryatra. As a major contribution to Bhojpuri culture, Suresh did a commendable task by compiling the poetries, songs and folk forms associated with Mahendra Mishra. He is at present working a teacher at Lok Mahavidyalaya at Hafizpur in Bihar.

Contact Details
Village Sawari Bazar
Post: Jalalpur
Saran, Bihar- 841412
Mob: 9430545619

Tarakeshwar Mishra ‘Rahi’

Tarakeshwar Mishra is a resident of Barwa village, Ratti Patti of Balia district. Born on the 1st of January, in the year 1945, he showed inclination towards composing songs and singing. He wrote a book on Luv-Kush Khand Kavya and earned accolades. He came to limelight when he focused his attention on Bhojpuri wrtitings and compositions. Rahi’s compositions have now become so famous that more than 3 dozen Bhojpuri artists sing his songs. This has given him immense recognition in the field of Bhojpuri. His songs are now not limited to small town of Balia but have travelled far long to metropolitian cities like Mumbai and Delhi. His compositions and books like ‘Pariyakta (Hindi khand kavya), ‘Kaisan Nata rre Bhai and Sasura mein Rahihe tu chand banke. Rahi ji is now in his late 70s but is still active on Aakashwani, gives presentations in Doordarshan and is whole heartedly revered in the Bhojpuri music industry.

Contact Details
Village- Barba Rattipatti
Post- Bhimpura, Balia
Mob: 9454338752

Usha Kiran KhanUsha Kiran Khan

Born on the 24th of October, 1945 in the Leharia Sarai village of Darbhanga, Bihar is a prolific writer in Maithali language. She has been honourned with the Sathiya Academy Award fro her exemplary work on a Maithali novel, “Bhamti: A Avismaraniya Prem Katha. Her major contributions are Trijaya, Fagini ke baad, Simant Katha, Ratnare Nayan etc. Her popular story publications are Vivash Vikramaditya, Dub-Daan, Golipaak, Ramvan, Jaldhar etc. She also is known for her popular plays like the Hiramdom, Uugnare Nayan etc. She has been awarded by the Bihar Ratrabhasha Parishad with the Hindi Sewi Puraskaar, Mahadevi Verma Puraskaar, and Rashtra KAviDinkar Rastriya Puraskaar.

Contact Details
House no. 1 Adarsh Nagar Colony, Patna
Mob: 9334391006

Vandana RaiVandana Rai

Vandana Rai is a youth poetess in Hindi and Bhojpuri language. Of recent she is also getting her stories and poetries for publication. She is a Bhojpuri poetess and stays at Chitravan, Buxar.

Contact Details
Chitravan Oppo. DM Residence
Buzar, bihar-802101
Mob: 9572525956

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