" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Visual Gallery

Dalit Calendars

Dalit calendars showcase the rich imagination and expressive genre of artists on themes woven around the greatness and grandeur of Dalit heroes and leaders. These are made by Dalit artists, especially for instilling awareness among Dalit communities about the glorious Dalit history, culture and heroes. By putting forth their thoughts, ideas, and perceptions through such expressions, they play dual role by not only negating the biased arrangements of the existing social order but also providing an alternative system based on equality of opportunities, liberty of choices, and respect for all and the sundry. Hence, they are of paramount importance in siphoning out the dormant and submissive Dalit entity and invigorating the dynamic, assertive and progressive Dalit consciousness. Most of these calendars have been picked up from the road side stalls, bus stations, railway stations, petty fairs, etc. Our archive boasts of possessing a rare collection of such Dalit calendars.


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